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PCs, Laptops and Server Inventory

Desktop PCs (Local Pickup)

HP Slim 260-p037cb  HP 110-194
Dell OptiPlex 755 SFF  HP Pro 6305
HP Pro MS218  HP Pro 6005 SFF
Dell OptiPlex 380 DT 

Laptops (Local Pickup)

Lenovo 14W-81MQ  Lenovo B575-1450

Servers (Local Pickup)

Dell PowerEdge T710  Microboards Tech PRO 1016

Networking, Misc (Click on Images for eBay Listing)


Desktop Motherboards (Click on Images for eBay Listing)

FIC AM37, AM37-L  eMachine T4130 Trigem-Liverpool 2001-0601
HP 8300 USDT Ultra Slim MOBO, PN:656939-001 SP:711787-001  HP WX6400 Workstation 436925-001, 380689-002, FMB-0601
Apple PowerMac G4 AGP M5183 820-1043-A  Power Edge T110, 0V52N7
Dell GX520, CN-0WG233  HP dc5750 M2RS485-BTX.106
HP 6305 Pro SFF 703596-001, 676196-001  Optiplex GX380 DT/MT, 0HN7XN
Optiplex 780 DT, CN-0200DY 

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